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Japanese Curry – The “National Dish” of Japan
Japanese Raisu Karī  (“Rice Curry”), the most popular meal in Japan, combines the culinary traditions of India, Great Britain, and even France. Curry was introduced to Japan from India via the British Navy in the second half of the nineteenth century, when Meiji-era Japan opened its doors to foreigners and their traditions.  
The term "curry" was invented by the English administrators of the East Indian Trading Co. and later continued by British government employees. Originally the term derives from a Tamil word, "kari", which means a spiced sauce. Unlike the original Indian version however, British inspired curry uses a base of flour and cooking fats thickened into a “roux”, a French way of making traditional sauces. The British navy in turn shared their version with the Japanese.
The Japanese navy incorporated curry into the military diet as effective remedy for beriberi, a disease caused by B-1 deficiency. Additionally vegetables are incorporated with the spice blend, giving Japanese curry its distinctive flavor balance of sweet and spicy. Upon returning home, the sailors brought with them their passion for curry and the Japanese curry tradition was born

Hurry Curry of Tokyo
“Hurry Curry of Tokyo” launched in Sawtelle Japantown (West Los Angeles) in the summer of 1989. One of the original owners (and owner of our 2 Seattle area locations) was born in Japan and came to the US as a young child. As an adult he had the opportunity to travel back on business to Japan, where a local curry shop was always one of his favorite stops. Eager to share his love for Japanese curry, he partnered with friends in the restaurant business in Los Angeles. The team hired a Japanese-born chef and contracted with a Japanese food importer to develop our original recipe. Over the next 6 months they fine-tuned the spice blend using over 20 different spices. We ship this blend from Japan, and then use it to create the curry on site.   We also work directly with a Japanese import company in Los Angeles to extract the capsaicin oil we use to create the varying spice levels available.  
In January 2016 we opened in South Lake union – and now we are thrilled to bring our authentic and original recipe to the East side.